Grand Neighborhood Update from City Councilman Mike Gardner

Happenings in the Grand Neighborhood

Code Compliance and the Police Department continue to work with the shopping center at Grand and Jurupa to combat crime issues, graffiti, and homeless issues.  Recently, the homeless gentleman and his son who have staked out the vacant lot behind the center as “home” have been visited by the Police Department and urged to accept the programs offered by the County and City, and if they elect not to do that, to take up residence somewhere else.  I have not seen them or evidence they are back on the lot in the last week or so, so hopefully this will be effective.

If anyone believes these guys are back please let me know.  You can reach me via any of the numbers and addresses below.

The Riverside Park, Recreation and Community Services Department and the County Parks Department are working together to build a connecting paved segment between the bike trail and the paved roads in the Anza Narrows, Martha McLean Park. We have also recently reached an agreement that the staff at Martha McLean will not charge bicyclists a fee for transiting the park as they were in the past.  All of this allows Martha McLean Park to be a trailhead for the bike path and a convenient access point for riders in our neighborhood.

Later this year the Public Works Department will be starting work on replacement of a large sewer main that parallels the bike path. This work will necessitate closing portions of the bike path during the week.  Bike lanes will be striped on Grand and Jurupa to allow a detour for bicycles.  This will require that the areas with bike lanes be posted no parking for the duration of the project.  There is not a lot of on street parking on Grand, but there is a fair amount on parts of Jurupa.  Please let me know if this poses a major problem.  It is much safer for bicyclists if parking is not allowed where there are bike lanes and if the bike lane is next to the curb.  If the bike lane is on the traffic side of a parking area there is a danger of people opening car doors into bikers.

The electric transmission line project that will provide Riverside with greater reliability and import capability is moving forward slowly.  Hearings on routes and connection points will be held later this year.  An environmental review is underway now.  Construction cannot start until the environmental review is complete.  We can make this project a meeting subject this spring if the group wishes.

Please always feel free to let me know if I can be of service.  You can reach me by email at and by phone at 826-5991 (office), 941-7084 (city cell) or 897-8660 (personal cell).

Mike Gardner

Council Member

Ward 1

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