August reminders and news

Greetings friends of the Grand Neighborhood Alliance,

Just a quick reminder that this Tuesday, August 2nd from 6pm to 8pm will be the GNA’s National Night Out event at the 5400 block of Grassy Trail Dr. (right at the corner of Grassy Trail Dr and Greenbrier Dr) We’re very much looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new friends and neighbors, in addition to having the opportunity to chat with members of RPD, Councilman Mike Gardner, and other City of Riverside folks. We’ll have lots of chairs, tables, snacks and drinks. It’s our very own neighborhood block party! Please join us and show your support for our community.

*Please note that this event will serve as our August meeting and will replace the one originally scheduled for the first Thurs. of August.*


I’d also like to invite folks to join the Walk with the Mayor scheduled specifically for the Grand Area on August 13. These walks with Mayor Loveridge have taken place throughout Riverside and offer a unique opportunity to highlight the parks and neighborhoods of Riverside, and to meet the Mayor. Our very own Councilman Mike Gardner will also be in attendance to add to the conversations about our area’s history, landscape, and character. This walk will begin at 7:30 a.m. and will start at the corner of Jurupa and Grand Aves. Water will be provided. Be sure to wear good walking shoes and sunscreen.


Many of you know that the shopping center at Jurupa and Grand Aves. is in escrow with the Hopkins Group. (The escrow has taken longer than expected but is expected to close next month.) You can see more about them and their development history here: Once escrow closes, our subgroup of GNA members will be meeting with them. By all accounts, Hopkins is enthusiastic about meeting with the GNA and it is our hope to have them attend the last quarterly GNA meeting of the year on Thursday, November 3rd. Please mark it on your calendars.


As Mike Gardner mentioned at our last GNA meeting in May, the City of Riverside has taken over Martha McLean-Anza Narrows Park, a true natural gem of our area, from the County. Though I have not seen it yet myself since this transition, my park peeps tell me that it looks better than it has in a long, long time. There has been extensive clean-up and tree trimming. I met with Mike Gardner last week and he was kind enough to share with me the original plan for the park when it was very first developed. He hopes to work toward returning it to its original glory, restoring its ponds and other natural features. I also hope that the GNA will work to actively support improving this beautiful park in the upcoming year. (Perhaps we could schedule regular GNA member weekday morning walks through the park?) If you’re interested in being part of that effort, please let us know. You can read more about the City’s take over of the park here:


Finally, I am pleased and proud to announce that the Grand Area is prominently featured in the June-July issue of Riverside Magazine. There is an AWESOME article about the wonderful and unique aspects of our area, with some great photos and highlights of individual properties we are all familiar with. You can link to the article here: Just click onto the issue named City of Renewal and go to page 38. It’s a great piece and it’s totally worth the time to check it out. You will feel big feelings of love for our area after reading it, I promise! Really, go look at it right now.

See you Tuesday at National Night Out!

Wendy DeBoer
Grand Neighborhood Alliance
Leadership Team

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