GNA’s National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7

We will be celebrating this important community event on Tuesday, August 7 from 6 to 8 pm at the very beautiful and shaded area of Old Mill Road. We’ll be around the 5200 block of Old Mill Road, centered between Greenbrier Ave and Mona Bell Ct. Many thanks in advance to all of the GNA members in that area who have offered such kind hospitality in allowing us to use their street for this “block party”! A small section of their block will be sectioned off so that we can fully appreciate and enjoy this lovely part of the Grand neighborhood.

The success of this event truly depends on the support of all of us in the Grand neighborhood. I hope that all of you can join us, even if it’s just to quickly pass by to say hello to friends and neighbors. We’ll also have plenty of chairs and tables so you can hang out a while and enjoy the summer evening fun. This really is a great and relaxed way to meet all of the people who make our area grand: neighbors, police, fire fighters, our city councilman and others who represent the City of Riverside. 
Contributions of food and drink are welcome. I’ll order a couple of gigantic “flying saucer” pizzas and we’ll have ice cold water on hand. We will be in need of main dishes and side dishes, followed by desserts and snacks. The always incredible Cindy Shields has offered to hand out flyers around the Old Mill Road area. If you would like flyers to distribute in your nook of the Grand neighborhood, please write me and I will find a way to get you some for distribution. I’ve also attached the digital file if you feel it’s easier to print them.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Grand Neighborhood Alliance website:
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2 Responses to GNA’s National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7

  1. Toni K. says:

    I did not see the attachment? Would love to distribute on Wroxton Drive. Thanks!

  2. Bonnie Tovaas says:

    Hi Grand Neighborhood,
    Hope all is well for you and I wanted to let you know about a recent NW group called Village Defense that Irecently learned about. Check out Real time eyewitness program for neighborhoods. Great idea. Of course I am involved in NW in my own community.

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