Leaving comments

We encourage friends and neighbors of the Grand neighborhood to give feedback through the comments feature on this blog. Indeed, with quarterly rather than monthly meetings, we hope that this blog will become an active bridge for discussions between in-person meetings. We ask that those contributing comments be respectful of diverging viewpoints and avoid the use of vulgar or inflammatory language. Comments will be moderated for appropriateness to the site and mission of the group.

If you do not wish to leave a public comment, but would like to offer input on a particular issue, please e-mail us at gnariverside@aol.com.


4 Responses to Leaving comments

  1. Bonnie Tovaas says:

    Today the neighborhood at Tower and Rubidoux watched a wonderful tribute to their neighbor Alan(Gormo) Norman who passed away earlier this month. 100 plus cars from the Old Farts Club as well as many others lined the streets of Rubidoux Ave and some on Tower. A police procession led the parade down Magnolia and through other neighborhood streets. It really was a site to see everyone coming together. Really gave you a sense of community. Met some new neighbors who we are inviting to join our group! This gathering just gives me more reason why people should know their neighbors and I will keep forging ahead to work on a neighborhood block event. Thank you Alan for being such a great neighbor,and leaving a wonderful mark on your neighborhood.

    Bonnie Tovaas

    • Steven Harbauer says:

      I got an email from RPD that your neighborhood group may be doing something for a National Night Out tomorrow. Is that so?
      I am interested in joining the group to help with local neighborhood watch stuff. I am especially interested in connecting with local neighbors who have Family-Radio Service radios and want to do a “Neighborhood Net.”
      These are license-free radios that are inexpensive to purchase and allow us to create a very local “party-line” for communicating in case a disaster like an Earthquake takes out the local cellsite and power.
      And it doesn’t even have to be a disaster – I live on Highland PL off of Brockton and have had my power go out for as long as 4 days with no word from RPU.
      Any info is helpful.

      Steven Harbauer

  2. Bob Kirk says:

    Sorry my wife and I missed the neighborhood get-together on August 7th. We will be at your next meeting. I have a question; Is Riverside going to open a trail-head soon across the street from the lot that is set aside for future home sites on Grand?
    Thanks for what you do.
    Bob kirk

  3. Bonnie Russell says:

    Today I had a home breakin. I suspect 2 young teenage kids on bikes. They just took small items – jewelry and cameras. I live on Old Mill road

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